AlerStallings Promotional Video

Showing the importance of long-term care planning


When a standard CRM won't cut it.

Halo Medical Diagram

Who said medical diagrams were boring

AlerStallings Identity & Communications

Branding a Law Firm that is shaking up the way law is practiced

Cleveland Browns Mural

Leveraging design to inspire Athletes

Hoover Cleaning Products

A clean design for a cleaning brand

Diebold Branch of the Future Solutions

Defining the future of banking

Chesapeake Bay Hockey League Identity

Creating an image of dominance

SportWing Packaging Solution

Trait helps pitch a breakthrough bike rack solution

Diebold Sustainability Communication

Presenting the maturation of a program via interactive graphics

David Wilkinson Jewelry Identity Solution & Communications

Helping a well known designer become more well known

AlerStallings Interactive Solution

Creating a custom management solution

eBlueprint Direct Marketing

Building a structually sound brand

American Board of Criminal Lawyers Interactive Experience

Trait helps a nationwide network of attorneys collaborate online

Halo Packaging Solution

Trait designs the identity for the #1 New Consumer Medical Product

Lil' Teammates Shop

An eCommerce platform for a popular sports novelty supplier

Leo J. Jacob Golf Classic Logo & Materials

Trait helps the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation

Surroundings Home Decor Identity & Communications

High End furnishings demand a high end brand

Tricia Marie's Salon Identity & Communication Solutions

Trait helps build an identity for a salon that helps clients do the same

The Hoover Brand Book

Guidance for a global commercial brand

ProStox Interactive Gaming Solution

Building a brand for the mobile app that's at the crossroads of gamers, gamblers, and investors

Zukerman, Daiker & Lear Communications

Leveraging video to make an online introduction

Diebold Vectra Terminal Concept

Developing a secure solution using human senses

Halo Online Experience

Helping Halo explain itself online

Draftslot Concept

An innovative way to decide the draft order for fantasy sports

Diebold Dash & United Way Event Logo

Utilizing a classic icon to illustrate excellence and achievement

Diebold Brand Books

Taking standards to a global level


Maintaining your hardware with the ease and touch of a hand

Diebold Rural India Interface

Creating the world's easiest ATM

My Diebold

Building a system that monitors and tracks your equipment


An application for a network of architects & engineers

My Playing Days

Creating a story behind life's moving moments

Trait Flip Book

Moving Time

Trait 2012 New Year's Card

Here's to 2012!

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