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How is it possible to maintain a brand when it is so large that it is in almost every household in America? It’s hard to believe that companies are able to keep a consistent message and convey that to their audience. Sony sets this standard. Sony is a global brand whose reach continues to grow. It is vital to its future, shareholders and consumers that it keeps tight control over its brand. It oversees and outsources its responsibilities to many agencies like ours. It is crucial that these agencies embody creativity and knowledge for retail experience. Furthermore, it is critical that TRAIT understands the Sony brand and its plans for moving its products from store to home or office.

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February 6, 2020

Diebold Nixdorf

Automation Pioneers This client exemplifies our ability to nurture a trusting and collaborative relationship that has surpassed fifteen years. We’ve designed NextGen Banking prototypes, Self-service interfaces, annual reports, keynote presentations, web…
February 6, 2020


International Icon As Ohio natives, it was a pleasure to work with this iconic brand. We’ve worked closely with their creative director to develop product names, merchandising pitches, brand manuals, product…
February 24, 2020


Applying Brilliance With the invasion of smart devices that all come shackled with elaborate configurations, hubs, setups and more, we did something much more straightforward. We’ve built an IoT (Internet…

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